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Snorkel Sites

Hanalei Bay from Princeville Resort
Koloa Landing or Anini Beach

Summertime on Kauai, roughly from April-October, means calm ocean conditions on the stunning North Shore. During this time, our tours depart from either the shore at Koloa Landing or at Anini Beach, depending on weather conditions. At Anini Beach, we explore one of the largest fringe-reef systems in the state. This spot is a 'nursery' reef which means we see an abundance of baby fish, beautiful coral as well as feeding sea turtles.

Koloa Landing
Koloa Landing

During the winter months on Kauai, roughly from October-April, Reef Guides Hawaii calls Koloa Landing home to its snorkel tours. Nestled on the sunny south side of the Island, Koloa landing offers snorkelers vast opportunities to see an abundance of sea life with the comfort of a protected cove. 



Make the time for an informed decision about where and when to snorkel on Kauai. This one step will make a major difference in your experience, especially during the winter months. For more information on current ocean conditions on Kauai, go to


The following safe snorkeling guide is from

"Preferably, you are looking for calm waters, without waves, that are protected by reefs. These tropical reefs and corals are where the colorful fish live, so that's where you'll want to go. An important thing to note is that just because a beach is great for snorkeling one day, doesn't mean it won't be treacherous the next.


Always check for current ocean conditions before entering the water. 

  • When in Doubt - Don't Go Out: Check for daily weather conditions and warnings

  • Bays, Reefs and Coves: Kauai offers many protected snorkeling areas for optimal snorkeling enjoyment. Reef areas offer the most abundant and diverse fish populations.

  • Timing is Everything: the water is generally calmer at low tide and in the morning (before the wind comes up)

  • Enter Safely: most reefs have sandy channels which allow for safe, easy entry into the water.

  • Contact Reef Guides Hawaii at 808-639-8534 for more advice on the best places to snorkel.

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