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Reef Guides Hawai'i is excited to announce that we are currently offering a limited number of our turtle and private tours. The best way to book a tour is to call us at 808-639-8534 and leave us a message. We will respond as quickly as possible. We look forward to sharing the beauty and magic of the ocean and her treasures with you once again!

And please, if you plan to use sunscreen, make sure it is truly "reef safe." Check the your research...a lot of common brands call their products "reef safe" when they are actually not. Avoid all of the benzones, salates and the oxylates...look for titanium dioxide or zinc oxide...our reefs need all the help they can get! Mahalo nui loa!!

Snorkel Kaua'i,
with Reef Guides Hawai'i!

Snorkel at the very best shore-accessible spots on the island in a way that keeps you safe and protects our fragile reef environments. Enjoy an unforgettable learning experience for the entire family!

Our Tours
Signature Lunch Tour
Manini or Convict Tangs

Our Signature Snorkel Expedition, or Lunch Tour, includes an interactive education program focusing on stories of reef inhabitants and their habitat. After an hour exploring one of the most amazing ecosystems on the planet, shower off and enjoy a delicious lunch, sure to satisfy your appetite! During lunch you can discuss the day's snorkel and participate in a fish count with your guide. And to finish off the day, view a slide show of photos from the day's tour. It doesn't get much better than that!                               

Turtle Tour
Honu or Sea Turtle

This special 2.5 hour tour includes interpretive stories about the green sea turtle's long journey through life. From hatching out of their eggs and racing for the sea, to their adolescent years out in the open ocean, to returning to their native beach to reproduce, you will come to understand the story of these incredible marine reptiles. You will also learn about the fish, coral and other sea creatures we come across on this fun and informative snorkeling tour. 

Private Tour
Punohu or Slate Pencil Urchin

The Private Tour is specifically designed to be a supportive environment for families with young children or those who desire more attention and a more intimate setting on the water for a secure guided experience. Your 2.5 hour tour can be tailored for all ages, physical abilities and skill levels. It includes the interactive education program and one hour in the water.

Our Team

Reef Guides Hawaii Team

Find out what makes Reef Guides Hawai'i the best snorkeling tour company on Kaua'i. Our company's other name, Malama Ke Kai, means to care for the ocean in Hawai'ian. We are dedicated to protecting the complex and fragile underwater ecosystems of Kaua'i. Reef Guides' owners and guides have over 25 years of experience providing a unique educational experience for Kauai'i's visitors and the local community.


Reef Guides Hawaii

Reef Guides Hawaii is known throughout the island for providing our guests with a fun and interactive educational program prior to our snorkeling adventures. We will take you to the most fabulous reef systems to be found on Kaua'i that are accessible from shore, without the need for a boat. We have settled on this combination because we believe it provides our guests with an important connection to the amazing world of Kaua'i's coral reef environments in the most comfortable and relaxed way possible.

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